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Next to Graphic & Web Design, I like to paint. You can find some of my work on this page. These paintings are requests, presents or just personal projects. Please Contact me for custom made, personalized requests.

an Original & Unique Gift Idea

a Name Canvas as a personalized gift, why not ?


How does it work ?

Are you searching for an original painting for in your room, workspace or to give as a birthday or wedding present to someone close ?

Contact AstraVille by email or call +33 6 74 87 33 82 with your request.

After receiving your information about the painting (size, theme, colors, etc.) AstraVille will send you an price-estimate (from 50 €) as soon as possible.

The time to make the painting depends upon the complexity of your request, but generally takes between 3 to 4 days (delivery time not included).

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